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Pea shoot sandwich

Grow your own lunch for a picnic!

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

Some pots or containers

Some pea or micro-green seeds

Some multi-purpose compost


  1. Put your compost into your container(s) and make sure it’s spread evenly.
  2. Sow the pea or micro-green seeds very thinly on your compost, covering all the soil.
  3. Water the seeds and put them on a bright window sill.
  4. Keep the compost damp over the next few days. After a few days your seeds will start to sprout.
  5. When the shoots are about four centimetres tall, you can cut them for your sandwiches.
  6. Once you’ve cut the shoots, put your container back on the window sill and keep it watered.
  7. The shoots will come back three or four times, giving you lots more sandwiches or salads!

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