How to make a Terrarium : The Magic Onions :

Terrariums are very easy to make. You need just a few materials and a collection of treasures to make it enchanting.

Materials we used :

  • Glass jar
  • Activated carbon (craft, pet or hardware store)
  • Small pebbles (craft or hardware store)
  • Moss (garden shop)
  • Cutesy accessories to make it magical (toadstool, blue marbles, tiny pine cone and a feather butterfly)


  1. Assemble your materials
  2. Add a layer of activated carbon to your glass jar. The carbon keeps the bacterial levels in your terrarium to a minimum. If you are going to be sealing your terrarium with a lid, add the carbon layer on top of the stones… it’ll help to keep the roots of the moss healthy.
  3. Add a layer of stones. The stones ensure good drainage.
  4. Add the moss. Usually, store-bought moss has a thick layer of soil under it. I usually thin this layer out as moss doesn’t need much soil. Water your garden sparingly.
  5. Add your little treasures and VOILA! The cutest little terrarium ever.


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