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Bamboo tipi

Grow a den made of bean plants

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

Some bamboo canes

Some garden string

Runner bean seeds or young plants

A trowel

Multipurpose compost

Watering can


  1. Find a spot in the garden where you want to grow your tipi.
  2. Mark out a circle (it can help to use sand). This is where you want the edge of your tipi to be.
  3. Push the bamboo canes into the soil leaving about 10 to 20cm between each cane. Leave a 50 cm gap between two of the canes for the way in to your tipi.
  4. Tie the canes together using the garden string at the top. You might need a tall grown up to help!
  5. Near the bottom of each cane, dig a little planting hole and fill it with some compost.
  6. Plant a runner bean seed or young plant in each of the planting holes. There are lots of types of bean so have fun choosing. If you are using seeds, use two in each planting hole in case one doesn’t sprout.
  7. When you’re done, give them a good water. Runner beans like water so give them plenty as they grow.
  8. Your beans will grow over your canes and make a tipi. You can use it as a den, and pick, cook and eat the beans that grow.

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