Kids usually love to play in the mud, build castles, dig the soil, and so on. In addition to fun, involving kids in gardening activities helps them understand nature and be close to it. Also, kids feel physically and mentally better when they’re surrounded by nature which has a cool breeze and pleasant comfortability. Engaging kids in gardening will also make them learn more. They would learn how to care for a being and they’ll also develop the patience to watch the plant grow.

In this article, we’re going to look into fun gardening activities for children and how you can utilize LED grow lights guides if you don’t have an outdoor garden.


How to start


Provide space


The first step to bringing kids into gardening is to allot a space somewhere in the middle of the corner of your garden. The place provided has to be under the control of the children. Assist children in designing and decorating their place.


Provide attractive plants


When the place is ready, the second thing is sapling and seedling. Kids are fond of colorful, attractive flowers. So, start with color. Wildflowers are a nice choice, slightly costly, and attainable handily.

You can also choose plants like –

  • Cherry
  • Sunflower
  • Lavender
  • Strawberry


Watering plants


It is effortlessly achieved. Give a nice and charming watering can that has cartoon pictures in it. Those are easily obtainable in departmental stores and malls. Now, fix the time of morning and evening. Prepare your kids’ water regularly.


Cleaning garden pulling weeds


It’s the most significant skill. Provide a rake for kids to clean their garden on their own. It would encourage them to eliminate the dried leaves from their land.

Enlighten your kids about waste plants and how to discard them. Explain to them that weeds are of no use and make the garden dirty.


Composting soil and pulling fruits


Tutor the importance of organic soil. Make them understand how fertile soil gives good yielding.

Involve kids in activities like picking grown vegetables and fruits.


Birds and insects


Assist kids in drilling holes to place food for birds. This would bring more bird friends to your garden and kids would learn to protect and love birds.

Provide them with a magnifying glass to study the size and color of insects.


Paint the rocks and pots


Encourage kids to paint pots and rocks with colors. It improves their art and design skills. Help them arrange the colorful rocks near the pots. Motivate kids in adding extra beauty by using shells.

Indoor gardens


If you don’t have the affordability for an outdoor garden, it can be done indoors too! All you require is a space – either large or small – depending on your interest. Indoor gardens can be done on benches or shelves. The issue here is – that if you’ve decided to use shelves, you’ve to make sure that plant gets adequate light. Without light, plants may grow too large. It’s not possible to get enough light even if plants are placed near a window in wintertime. If your plant doesn’t get adequate sunlight, less chance of flowering. To ensure the availability of light, you should know a few things about LED grow lights.


All about LED grow lights


LED grow lights are the available most efficient lights of all four plant growth, used in commercial growing and hobby gardens. There’s no need to worry about electricity as it emits less heat and consumes less power with less maintenance.


  • LED grow lights are the mimicry of natural sunlight.
  • Provides spectrum for plant growth.
  • Advanced LED grows lights have ultraviolet light.
  • Emits adaptable red and blue lights for growth.


Why are LED lights good for growth?


Earlier, LED lights were utilized for operating remote controls. Later used in digital clocks. With advancement, now used in various like

  • Indoor gardens
  • Camera flash
  • Monitors and televisions
  • Houses, etc.


With LED grow lights, don’t worry about electricity bills. All you have to do is to determine how many hours your plants should be perceived in this mimicry light.




The gardening activities are best for kids to have fun and explore new things. Don’t look for perfection while gardening with kids. The motive is kids’ fun and enjoyment, and not perfection. You’ll be amazed to see their cute faces when they first sprout from the seeds. And, if you don’t have an outdoor garden, design an indoor one with LED grow lights and teach kids about it. Bringing in contact with soil enables kids to develop their sensory organs, and it works effectively. Therefore, invest time and have fun with your kids!

 Thank you to Bleta Daisy for providing us with this article!

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