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Garden party for Greenfingers charity

Support this wonderful charity with your own garden party!

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

Seeds or young plants for the salad or herbs you’re going to bring to the party

Some compost

Some containers or pots to grow your plants

Watering can

National Children’s Gardening

Week stickers

About Greenfingers

Established in 1999, Greenfingers Charity (Reg. charity no. 1076640) is dedicated to creating magical and inspiring outdoor spaces for life limited children, and their families, who spend time in hospices across the UK.  To date the charity has created dozens of gardens but still has a waiting list of hospices that need their help.  By supporting Greenfingers Charity during National Children’s Gardening Week, you will be helping to bring the precious gift of a garden to more children and their families.


  1. Agree what date your party will be on and where it will be. You could have it in National Children’s Gardening Week, or later in the summer. Agree who’s going to grow what for the party. Salads, and leafy vegetables like Swiss chard can be ready in time for National Children’s Gardening Week. You could also grow some tasty herbs like basil, mint or lemon verbena.
  2. About eight weeks before your party, get your plants, seeds, pots and compost from the garden centre. Fill your containers and pots with compost. Put your seeds or young plants in the pots and give them a good water.
  3. Put your pots somewhere where they’ll get some good sun and keep them watered. If you don’t have a garden you can put them on a balcony, windowsill or doorstep.
  4. On party day, bring your plants and have fun picking them. Eat the salads with a barbecue or pizza, or try chopping herbs into drinks or a fruit salad. Don’t forget to give out National Children’s Gardening Week stickers to everyone.
  5. If you’ve done any of the other National Children’s Gardening Week projects like growing your own garden chairs or growing a pizza wheel you can have some fun with these at your party too!
  6. You can support Greenfingers charity by having a collection for them at your party; ask your mum or dad to donate the collection on their web site Even if you can’t have a collection, you can still support Greenfingers by asking your parents to ‘like’ their Facebook page

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