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Grow a pallet garden

Re-use and recycle with this garden for a small space!

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

Some weed control fabric or membrane

Some multi-purpose compost

Scented garden herbs like oregano, marjoram, thyme or basil

Some bedding plants like petunia or lobelia (ideally pick trailing plants – you can usually see if it’s trailing by looking at the plant labels)

Galvanised nails or tacks

Of course you’ll also need a wooden pallet. If your garden centre doesn’t have any, try asking local businesses if they have any spare that might be going to waste.


  1. Lay your pallet flat on the ground with the gaps in the pallet you’re going to grow your plants out of facing down to the floor.
  2. Cover the back and sides of the pallet (e.g. the face that’s now facing up, and the edges of your pallet) with a double thickness of weed control membrane or fabric, nailing or tacking the fabric into place. You should end up with the back and all sides of the pallet sealed with the fabric. For extra strength, you can re-inforce the fabric with chicken wire if you want to.
  3. Turn your pallet over so the gaps you’re going to plant in are now facing upwards. Fill the pallet up with compost by tipping the compost through the gaps.
  4. Give the pallet a good watering; if you need to, top it up with compost.
  5. Plant your plants into the gaps in the pallet. Make sure you leave some space between the plants as they’ll grow to fill out the space. Try and mix up your herbs and flowers.
  6. When you’ve finished planting, gently lean your pallet up against a wall. It will be heavy, so get a grown up to help.
  7. Keep the pallet watered from the top so

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