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Make a hedgehog hut

Here’s what you’ll need!

Bricks or blocks

Wooden planks, perhaps fallen fencing

Logs and branches

Shrubbery and foliage

Hedgehog feed: you can use beetles, earwigs, worms, cat or dog food but be sure to avoid mealworms and milk as this is bad for them


  1. Choose the quietest location you can find, the corner of the garden or in a forest for example
  2. Use your sturdy materials to construct walls but be sure to leave an entrance
  3. Cover your framework with foliage, branches, and shrubbery to make it nice and dark for the new arrivals
  4. Fill the hut with plenty of leaves and shrubbery so that they’re nice and comfortable
  5. Leave your food in the corner for them to eat

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