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Sensory path

Build a path for the senses

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

Horticultural sharp sand

Bricks, plywood or recycled wood for edging your path

Tarpaulin or similar membrane

Sensory fillers for your path, such as:

• Sand
• Gravel
• Creeping thyme
• Straw
• Bark
• Turf
• Pebbles
• Water (you’ll need a rubber liner for this!)


  1. Decide where you want your path to go, and mark the edges of the path out using your horticultural sand
  2. Mark the edging of your path using your bricks or wood
  3. Give the soil a good stamp down to get rid of any air bubbles in it, and then rake it over again.
  4. Divide the length of your path up into sections using your bricks, plywood or recycled wood
  5. Next, fill each section of your path with something different. Try filling a section with compost and planting creeping thyme plants in it; this will smell lovely when it’s walked on. Fill other sections with your gravel, bark, water, turf, or other materials
  6. You’ve now got your sensory path! When children walk it in bare feet they get a great feel for the different materials and the world around them. It’s surprisingly relaxing for grown ups too!

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