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Write your name in salad

Enjoy a personal touch at tea time

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

A seed tray (or other pot/container)

Small bag of multi-purpose compost

Salad seeds (try rocket seeds and purple basil/lettuce seeds)

A watering can with a rose (sprinkler) in the spout


  1. Fill your seed tray(s) or pot/container(s) with compost.
  2. Lightly press down the compost so it’s firm in the tray.
  3. Mark out your name in the compost either using sand or by writing your name into it with a stick.
  4. Sow the rocket seeds along the letters of your name in the compost.
  5. Next, sow a border around the name using the purple basil or purple lettuce seeds. Leave about 5cm between the letters of your name and the border.
  6. Sieve or sprinkle fine soil or compost over the seeds. Be gentle so you don’t move the seeds.
  7. Water your tray using the watering can. Be gentle and make sure the watering can has a rose (sprinkler) in the spout so you don’t wash the seeds out of place.
  8. Put the seed tray on your window sill or outside in your garden or balcony. Clip your name as it grows and enjoy eating it!

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