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Grow an edible hanging basket

Grow tasty, tumbling food for your family

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

A wire hanging basket

Sphagnum moss planter liner, or sisal

Multipurpose compost

Plant food or fertiliser

A hook or wall bracket and screws to hang your basket

Plants: choose from: tumbling cherry tomatoes, strawberry plants, chives, basil, or parsley, lettuce, and trailing nasturtiums


  1. Line your basket with the sphagnum moss or sisal.
  2. Fill the basket you’ve lined with the compost
  3. Put your plants into the compost in your basket. You can do this in the basket, and by poking holes through the sides of the basket and planting your plants through these holes. Make sure you take your plants out of any little pots or packaging they were sold in before you plant them in your basket.
  4. Water your basket well and make sure the plants are firmly in place.
  5. Hang the basket from your hook or wall bracket. Make sure you get an adult to put up the hook or wall bracket for you.
  6. Check your basket every day. Make sure the compost stays wet and give it some plant food about once a week.
  7. As your basket grows treat it like a pet – feed it and water it well and it’ll give you lots of tasty food over the summer!

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