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Heads gone wild

Grow yourself some crazy green hair

Here’s what you’ll need!

Shopping list for your local garden centre:

Some pots or containers

Some grass or cress seeds (or other plants like salad that you want to see grow out of your heads!)

Some multi-purpose compost

Stickers, glue, pens, or glitter to make faces on your pots


  1. Draw or paint some faces onto your pot. Or glue a photo of you or your friend’s face onto the pot. Make sure your faces don’t have any hair on the top of them.
  2. Fill your pots with the compost.
  3. Put the seeds into compost.
  4. Water the seeds. Be careful not to get water onto the faces on the pot!
  5. Make sure the soil stays wet, and watch as crazy green hair grows out of your head. When it’s long enough, try giving it a hair cut!

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